Gift Pad


We provide
three business.

  • Merchandising

    Gift Pad has identified and developed partnerships with over one thousand quality suppliers of goods and services throughout Japan.
    We are well positioned to provide “Made in Japan” premium foods and selected merchandise and services unique to Japan to your country and/or region.
    Our goal is to create new business possibilities with our oversea partners by providing access to difficult to source JDM (Japanese domestic market) only products and services.

  • Gift Solutions

    First developed by the Gift Pad a decade ago,
    our original digital platform for gift giving become one of the most used social gift service platform in Japan.
    It allows customers to send and receive virtual gift catalog by unique digital code (CaaS) hence,
    eliminating needs of knowing actual street address. The system also allows sending greeting message (text, voice, and video) with the gift.
    This system can be adapted for different countries and regions to serve their gift exchange cultures.

  • DX Platform

    Gift Pad also specialize in providing digital solutions to realize online digital transformation (DX) such as government lead programs for economic stimulus packages, shopping platform targeted for tourism industries, regional focused smart payment systems, interlocking sales with Mass-Media, corporate marketing and reward systems and many others.

Become a Partner

We are always looking for a strong and long lasting business partner!

If your company is interested in distributing "Made in Japan" premium foods and/or selected merchandise in your market, please contact us.

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